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Nobody told us life was going to be this way.

We’ve all been there – you’ve had one too many the night before, and what is your go-to response? Let’s put Friends on. You’ve had a bad day at work and you want a few laughs, so what is your response? Let’s put Friends on. You can kind of see where we’re going with this.

From the first season right up until the very last, it’s the kind of show that can keep you laughing for months and months on end. Despite coming to an end well over a decade ago it’s not exactly like the comedy has gone out of fashion, and if anything, it seems to be ageing like a fine wine.

The stars involved have gone on to have varying degrees of success in the aftermath of the show, but either way, that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how much we enjoy the show itself when we sit down to watch it, and the answer is simple: we enjoy it a lot.

It’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea and we can understand that, but to be blunt, fans of the show don’t really care. They’ll happily sit in their corner and soak up the beauty of this fantastic piece of television, and why shouldn’t they?

With all of this being said we want to try and test out whether or not you guys know the show quite as well as you think you do. I mean, could we be any more obvious with that?


What sport is the Geller Cup contested in?

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How many people watched The Last One in the US?

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True or False: Bruce Willis appears in the show

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Where did Joey move to after the season finale?

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How many sisters does Joey have?

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Who officiated Monica and Chandler’s wedding?

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Who has the last line of the entire show?

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True or False: Friends was a Super Bowl lead-out selection

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How much could the gang have won on the winning lottery ticket they lost?

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In what year did Season 4 start airing?

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There’s No Way The Average Friends Fan Could Pass This Test
You Should Try Again Later!!

You Are A DieHard Fan!!

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