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35 Twilight Questions Only A Cullen Could Answer Correctly. Think You Can Do It?

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The Twilight saga is understood for showcasing such a lot passion, action, and romance. The romance we watched unfold between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan was undeniably special and sweet in numerous ways. Some people viewed their obsessive level of attraction for every other to be a tad bit creepy except for the foremost part, fans understood that they only had very deep feelings for every other!

Without the incredible Twilight saga, we might haven’t met our favourite vampires, werewolves, and humans ever. This saga really opened tons of doors for people to imagine what a lifetime of eternity as a vampire deeply crazy could desire . The very first film was released in 2008 which is now over ten years ago. It seems like that very first film was just released yesterday since everything about this amazing vampire saga remains fresh on all of our minds!


Name Rosalie Hale’s ex-fiancé.

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Name Bella Swan’s parents!

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Where does Bella Swan’s mother live?

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True or false: Carlisle Cullen was part of the Volturi for a while.

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Before Edward Cullen met Bella Swan, he almost paired with who?

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What lessons did Bella Swan take as a girl?